Machine Bleach Splashless


Ref. / EAN 13

350210 / 8413188005156


Eliminate stains and whiten your clothes, offering a whiteness like the first day.


With optical brighteners

Powerful stain remover

Dense formula -Does not splash

Eliminates odors

  • HAND WASH: Submerge the clothes for 20 minutes and rinse several times. Then hang the clothes or proceed with normal washing with detergent. Use one dose* for every 20 L of water. Gloves are recommended.
  • MACHINE WASH: Add the dose* in the corresponding box in the second rinse along with one or two glasses of water to clean the tray. (*) 1 DOSE is equivalent to 100 ml.
  • RECOMMENDATIONS AND DOSES FOR WASHING BY HAND OR MACHINE: Before proceeding to wash it is recommended to read the label of the garment. For 100% cotton or linen garments, it is recommended to use OXY La Salud Stain Remover. For synthetic garments, cotton blend garments, or colorfast garments, 1 dose (*). For resistant stains, wine or coffee, the effectiveness can be increased by washing hot (60º) or increasing the dose (*). Whenever the garment allows it (see garment label). In hand washing, the dose is per 20 liters of water. Do not use bleach on wool, silk and their blends. Do not pour bleach directly on the clothes.

The symbol  is significant that bleach cannot be used. The  symbol indicates that bleach can be used to wash said garment.

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