Black Clothes Detergent

60 Washes

Ref. / EAN 13

351397 / 8413188000939


Penetrates inside the fibers and removes the most difficult stains. Thanks to its formula, it prevents the migration of dark colors and keeps them bright. By Hand and Machine.


Dark colors always like new

Fresh and lasting fragrance

Protects your clothes and keeps them looking like new

Removes the toughest stains

Effective in cold or warm water

Suitable for short wash cycles

Depending on the kilos of clothes to be washed, dose the detergent. If you are in an area with hard water, add 30ml more to the washer.
Dispense in the drawer of the washing machine.
If used directly on the garment, do not let it dry and wash immediately.

Select the appropriate program according to the type of laundry to be washed.

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