Household cleaner Bleach + Detergent


Ref. / EAN 13

351613 / 8413188001738


Powerful cleaner with high disinfection power, capable of removing difficult dirt and the most resistant grease. In addition, it eliminates odors and leaves a pleasant aroma.


Effective cleaning in kitchen and bathroom

Eliminates viruses, fungi and bacteria

Eliminates bad odors

Original shine without leaving traces

Anti-grease power

Pine scent

  • SOILS: Dilute 2 capfuls in a bucket of water (5L). You don’t need to clarify.
  • BATHROOMS/KITCHENS: Apply directly with a damp cloth and rinse after a maximum of 5 minutes.
  • WC: Apply directly to the WC walls. Flush the cistern after a few minutes.

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